Friday, December 31, 2010

snow snow snow

K enjoying the snow, after the pod crisis =)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pods gone bad....

My children are up spending the week with my parents, up in gods land LOL. Middle of no where. Anyway this week was supposed to be relaxing for me because since their dad (my ex) got deployed ( to freakin hawaii) I no longer have every other weekend off (sighhhhh) So as I'm getting ready to go to a girl scout leader meeting I get a phone call from my mom. K's trying to change her pod and it keeps beeping. Ummm okay how many has she tried...wait....get this.....the whole freakin box OMG. So here I am trying no to panic because hey my diabetic daughter is 6 hrs away with no needles or lantas or working fing pods. My dad and I come up with a plan of meeting half way in albany, ny. Just what I want to do on a wednesday night, hang out at the christmas tree shop at 8:30p. LOL.

We meet up and K's fine, no longer freaking out and I hand over the pods (20 of them LOL). Then K says she feels low and we sit down at the food court to test, ummmm she has NO STRIPS. can it get worse....she starts to cry ( shes 11, she does that alot) I send her step dad to get her a real soda and he gives me a funny look and saids "regular not diet" I have him trained well ;). I tell him shes low and he goes to get it. After the soda she starts to feel better but doesnt want to eat, so my dad packs her up and they drive back to nowhere.

The best is that as they are pulling away and waving, I realize my 11 yr old is in the front seat, ugh grandparenting fail.