Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A1C Hell

So my kids are back from Hawaii and they started school. WooHoo Endo appt was a bit disappointing. seems that K has had higher than usual blood sugars all summer and a severe lack of supervision. Her A1C comes up 8.8 good holy god. Her at DX a1c was 9.0 so you can see why this is not a happy party event. So her endo and I jump right on it and make changes and more frequent testing and now she low low low everyday in school. The end of the day is really bad for her and to top it off she has 2 honors classes 8th and 9th period. wonderful... so we go next month to the endo to get her a1c done again. In the meantime I've changed some ratios and feel that my daughter is one big science experiment. Cross your fingers. oh and she had to get a skin biopsy of her scalp done because she might have a fungus infection of the scalp. lol anything else you want to throw at us......don't answer that, I'm thankful for just having my daughter alive and healthy :) not always happy but hey she's 11 almost 12......shes not supposed to be happy lol

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